A.B.S Deposit


A.B.S. DEPOSIT ACCOUNT offer unique opportunity specially to small businessman/ shop keepers/vendors/daily wage earners/professional persons/ house wife or any persons engaged in activities with daily earning to save a part of their daily earnings/incomes for specified period and thus accumulate sizeable savings for future. Bank’s own Collection Agents engaged at branches under ABS Deposit Scheme will collect the daily deposit from doorstep by issuing bank’s printed Collection Receipts. Short Term loan are available against security of accumulated deposit made under the ABS Deposit A/c. Nomination facility available.

Minimum daily deposit shall not be less than Rs.20/- per day and maximum deposit should not exceed Rs.500/- per day. For more details on the scheme, please visit your nearest branch of the bank or contact our authorized Collection Agent. Accounts opened under ABS Deposit Scheme are not transferable. In terms of the scheme, it is the account holder’s responsibility to get the Pass Book for his ABS Account updated by personally visiting the branch and ascertain correct status of their accounts.
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