About CC Loan

The Bank has been providing working capital advances to various business enterprises to acquire different inputs i.e. raw materials, packing materials, fuel, Labour, power and other misc. expenses which are absorbed in the process of production in addition to M.T/L.T Loan to take care of the infrastructure i.e. land & building , plant & machinery etc.

Cash Credit facility is provided to intending borrowers against security of collateral under pledge or hypothecation to maintain inventory.

Current ROI for CC Loan is @ 11%


  • The applicant should be a wholesale/retail trader having certificate of registration under the Sales Tax Act.
  • The business/trading activity should be in the area of operation of the Branch.
  • Any trading or business activity approved under the State’s General Sales Tax Act will be eligible for Cash Credit Limit.
  • The existing trade/business/Service operating for at least two years and earning profit for the last two years is eligible for availing the cash credit facility.
  • The applicant should not be a defaulter/NPA borrower of the Bank or any other Bank.
  • The applicant should be a registered or license holder under the local laws in force like shops and establishment act, drug controlregulation, rationing and civil supply regulation, Sales Tax as the case may be.
  • In case of an established trade/business/service unit not having the required license or applied for the new or renewal of the license, but not yet granted, by the authority without any fault of the trader, the proposal may be considered pending obtention of such license but disbursement of fund shall be made on production of the license.