About Personal Loan

The Bank has been providing Personal Loan to the salaried employees working in different departments of State Govt. , Central Govt. and Public sector undertakings as well as employees of reputed private schools and colleges. The maximum limit of M.T(P) Loan for the Individual employees has been fixed at Rs.10.00 lac or 24 times of Gross salary whichever is less repayable within a period of 3 to 7 years depending upon the residual service and repaying capacity of the borrower. The Bank has also started financing the employees of reputed private schools and colleges upto a maximum quantum of Rs 10.00 lac only. The quantum of personal loan for teachers of Govt. Colleges and University has been enhanced from Rs.10.00 lakh to Rs.15.00 lakh considering the salary structure and status of the incumbents.

Rate of interest:


Purpose of the loan:

  • Repairing and renovation of dwelling house.
  • Higher Education
  • To meet personal expenses arising out of domestic, medical and local requirement etc.